Previously known as MSOSH OSH Award, in 2021 the award is renamed as MSOSH Award.

It is an annual OSH Performance Award is intended to give due recognition to all organization (private or public organization) which have achieved commendable OSH performance and shown improvement in OSH management at workplace.

All organizations are strongly encouraged to participate in the 39th MSOSH Award 2021.

The award winning company may use the award logo on their letterhead within the winning year until the announcement of next year winners or until the printed letterhead is used up. 


This year is the most challenging year for MSOSH in organizing the 39th MSOSH Award 2021 due to Covid19 Pandemic.

MSOSH Award Committee has to take additional precautions and alert on the current Covid19 Pandemic situation and at the same time review and revise the MSOSH Award strategies and plan based on our internal risk assessment process.

For the first time after 38th MSOSH Award exercise, all the site audit activities were performed using remote audit approach.


Ultimate OSH Performance
Minimum winning 3 Grand Awards
Scores are > 95%


Superior OSH Performance
Scores are between 89.99% and 95% 


Excellent OSH Performance
Scores are between 85% to 89.99% 


Very Good OSH Performance
Scores are between 78% to 84.99%  


Very Good OSH Performance
Scores are between 70% to 77.99%  


Good OSH Performance
Scores are between 50% to 69.99% 


Satisfactory OSH Performance
Scores are between 30 to 49.99% 


1. To provide an independent and professional evaluation and platform for benchmarking for an organization towards OSH commitment, management and performance.

2. To establish an environment to share on the latest OSH knowledge and best practices among the MSOSH OSH professionals and the industries to improve their OSH management and performance.

3. To recognize the OSH achievement of participating organizations as exemplary model for others to emulate especially in cultivating OSH cultures at the workplace.

4. To show MSOSH commitment in supporting government to ensure the effectiveness of OSH management implementation that will improve the company’s productivity and a safer and healthier workforce. 

  1. A moment for successful company to receive the award at the presentation ceremony (if the (current situation allowed) which will be held at a leading hotel, presented by the Guest of Honors in the auspicious day or Virtual MSOSH Award Ceremony (MOVAC).
  2. The MSOSH Award Ceremony will be covered by mass media and the winners will be published in the local newspaper and MSOSH Website.
  3. To provide an opportunity for the organizations to gauge their OSH performance and benchmarking with other organization nationwide.
  4. For a large organization, this MSOSH Award audit can be used to identify your contractors, subcontractors or vendors in term of their OSH performance, independent evaluation of their OSH management. In other words, MSOSH is helping your organization to assess and measure your contractor OSH performance from 3rd independent party’s perspective.
  5. The winning company eligible to use the MSOSH Award logo for publicity purposes within the winning year until the announcement of the next award winners or until the printed letterhead is used up.
  6. To give due recognition to all participating organizations / companies which have achieved commendable OSH performance.
  7. To give recognition to all organizations / companies which have shown improvement in OSH processes through sound safety and health management system.
  8. The MSOSH Award provides an opportunity for companies to share their success story on OSH performance which can inspire other organizations.
  9. MSOSH provide an opportunity and assistance to identify the organizations / companies risk and opportunities in developing a long term and sustainable OSH manage and culture that will benefits the employees and also the management.